The darker side of (second) life…

City Girl

Is it just me or have there been a butt-ton of cute freeb skins out lately? Wow I’m getting so spoiled lol. One of my recent favorites is from P.S.Style and can be found in their lucky board. It’s a bit more matte than my usual but I love the abstract make up on this one ^^ Be sure to look around the store while you are there too, lots of lucky boards, a group gift, and even a bunch of dollarbies and freebies up on the second floor ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – !lamb

Eyes – Willow (freebie)

Glasses –  Dear Cloud ( lucky board)

Skin – P.S. Style ( lucky board)

Tank – P.S. Style ( dollarbie)

Pants – Action

Headphones – Gritty Kitty

Ears – Panda Express

Bracelets – P.S. Styles ( freebie)

Scars – NSFW

Autopsy Stitches – No Longer Available 😦



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