The darker side of (second) life…

HotPants Tree

Oh how I love the translator built into Emerald.. a source of many lols for me indeed. Most recently the fail translation of my excitement over the dollarbie hotpants ( in 2 colors!  but of course you know I had to show off the lime green ones <3) available TODAY ONLY at *BOOM*  ( [9:37]  Zombina Gunawan: ooh 1L hotpants @ boom (ooh @ 1L hotpants tree) )  However, all lols aside… get to *BOOM* today and get you some hotpants. They are soo cute with little heart buttons.. I absolutely love them ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – House of Munster ( seriously discounted fatpacks now available at Nightshade location.)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Bandaids – Virus Co.

Skin – Curio

Scars – NSFW

Necklace – [chuchulet] ( 10L  cheapie )

Top –  \\Le’Boom// ( part of group gift)

Pants – *BOOM*  ( dollarbie today only ^^)



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