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-Broken- A Dead Dolls Charity Event for Japan

Hello everyone. As many of you know the Dead Dolls blog has moved to a new URL – Lucky Chair Zombies – but I still see this blog getting a substantial amount of hits and so I would like to post in regards to a very important event that the Dead Dolls have coming up… a charity fundraiser to help the victims of the Earthquake, Tsunami and resulting Nuclear Crisis unfolding in Japan currently. For more information or if you would like to take part in the event please see the full post at our Lucky Chair Zombies blog, or contact Zombina Gunawan inworld.  Thank You to everyone who has already pledged their support in such an important event!

New Blog URL

Hey everyone…just a quick note 🙂 In an attempt to better organize and stream line the Dead Dolls group I have changed our blog location. You can now find information on both Dead Dolls and Lucky Chair Zombies over at the Lucky Chair Zombies blog….be sure to join our followers over there so that you can keep up to date on the latest goings on in Dead Dolls.


Well as you can see I’ve had some issues with the flickr for this blog and pretty much everything  is gone. Personally I’m just a little over the whole fashion blogging thing for a while.. don’t get me wrong it’s a lot of fun and I absolutely adore many things I receive from those who still send me random things to review. However, I’ve just come to a point where I need something new. And so.. I’m moving to a new blog. Hopefully in time I can put Belle Morte back together and begin blogging fashion ( my true love lol) again..until then drop by and check out the new blog!

ut oh she’s back

Ok, call me full of shit… no, really… go ahead lol. As much as I wanted to leave SL I have realized that it’s not as easy as it would seem. A big thank you to all of my friends who ultimately convinced me that I would miss them way too much to actually say goodbye ❤ So, my RL is still being an utter pain in the ass but I realized that SL is my sanity, the thing that keeps my mind off of all the shit I’d rather put aside for the time being and share a joke with my girls in the kitty crew or find some amazing freebie to share with my zombies.. and so I’m back ( somewhat)  and yes! Dead Dolls is once again accepting applications for designers. BUT! There have been a few changes to the rules in the group as well as our designer policies so please be sure that you have the latest application before applying. ( 99.99678% of the time I do not get IMs as I live in a time zone completely opposite to that of Second Life so if you want an application NC me please <3) No, don’t worry.. there will be no Nazi Reich like in some groups lol… that’s just not me 😛 Generally, I try to be very approachable and friendly with my designers as long as I get the same level of respect back that is extended to you as a member of my group.

That said… the Zombie Raid hunt is back on! Yeah, I know… sheesh get it together Zom, right? ha! believe me, I was looking forward to this one as much as you and so I will be making it well worth your time to have waited so long to get your zombie lovin’ on. I have a lot of fun things in the works for both this hunt and other events I have in the works in coming months…so be sure to stay tuned. ( pssst… remember the sugar skulls hunt last year? Who’s up for round 2? 😀 I’ll be sending out applications for that hunt soon so be sure to keep an eye out for those as well as a Christmas event I am working on.. but I’ll tell you more about those later ^ ^) Back to the Zombie Raid, if you are not already on the list but want to get in on the fun fear not!  I will not be placing the updated list on the blog until a few days before the hunt so you still have time to get in on the hunt. Be sure to send Zombina a NC in world if you would like to participate. Of course, if you are not already a Dead Dolls designer you will need to join us as the hunt is only open to our designers 😛  However, to be a hunter you do NOT need to be a member of Dead Dolls to clear up some questions. ( I’ve had a few asking me about that and no, I would never force you to join believe me I know how precious those group slots are LOL) That said, I will be opening group chat throughout the hunt for hints and help so if you would like help with the hunt that is where you will be able to find it ^ ^

Project Themeory

I had to look up the name of this like 5 times to make sure I was spelling it right LOL. A simple word but for some reason one of those ones that I go moron on haha. Hard or easy to say though, it is a great great sale. I have to admit that I have been pretty much ignoring all of the day of the week sales, the weekend blowouts, the stumblebums and silent lions.. all that… just because I don’t have the time to even hope to keep up. However, I happened across the list of items in this edition of Project Themeory and I was so impressed I had to run to a number of stores to pick up the 75L goodies ^^  My absolute favorite, which I believe is quite a lot of peoples’ favorites since I’ve been seeing it a lot lol, is the skin from Pink Fuel. Of course Mochi’s skin is always just beautiful, but this one has that creepy little edge to it that really gave me that “omg i have to have that” urge.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Truth

Skin – Pink Fuel ( project themeory)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Ears – Panda Express

Necklace – H.O.D. ( 50L Friday)

Top – Tres Blah ( project themeory)


gacha time <3

iiiiit’s gacha time again at the Albero sim, and I am so excited. I swear they need support groups for gacha addicts.. i could so use one lol. There is some seriously adorable stuff in this round, of course 2 of those being from one of my all time favorite stores in the history of ever.. Katat0nik. I just absolutely adore the awesome colors in her things! Tons of other great things there from clothes to furniture.. even some poses 😀 Be sure to save those doubles you get in your gacha frenzy, they’re having a trading party on August 14th so you can trade all those extras for the stuff you just can’t live without lol.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Katat0nik ( gacha fest cheapie)

Headphones – Katat0nik (gacha fest cheapie)

Skin – Mah Poor Quality ( addiction hunt giftie)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Top – Cupcakes ( MM board.. new pack in there today tho D: )

Necklace – Boom ( gacha fest cheapie)

Tattoo – Garden of Ku

Skirt – Alexohol ( addiction hunt giftie)

Keychain – Love Soul ( lucky chair)

Shoes – UBU

Love Letter – Sanu ( gacha fest cheapie)

Nails – *pulcino* ( SOM giftie)

Pose – *ribbon* ( part of 1L pose pack)


HotPants Tree

Oh how I love the translator built into Emerald.. a source of many lols for me indeed. Most recently the fail translation of my excitement over the dollarbie hotpants ( in 2 colors!  but of course you know I had to show off the lime green ones <3) available TODAY ONLY at *BOOM*  ( [9:37]  Zombina Gunawan: ooh 1L hotpants @ boom (ooh @ 1L hotpants tree) )  However, all lols aside… get to *BOOM* today and get you some hotpants. They are soo cute with little heart buttons.. I absolutely love them ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – House of Munster ( seriously discounted fatpacks now available at Nightshade location.)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Bandaids – Virus Co.

Skin – Curio

Scars – NSFW

Necklace – [chuchulet] ( 10L  cheapie )

Top –  \\Le’Boom// ( part of group gift)

Pants – *BOOM*  ( dollarbie today only ^^)


City Girl

Is it just me or have there been a butt-ton of cute freeb skins out lately? Wow I’m getting so spoiled lol. One of my recent favorites is from P.S.Style and can be found in their lucky board. It’s a bit more matte than my usual but I love the abstract make up on this one ^^ Be sure to look around the store while you are there too, lots of lucky boards, a group gift, and even a bunch of dollarbies and freebies up on the second floor ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – !lamb

Eyes – Willow (freebie)

Glasses –  Dear Cloud ( lucky board)

Skin – P.S. Style ( lucky board)

Tank – P.S. Style ( dollarbie)

Pants – Action

Headphones – Gritty Kitty

Ears – Panda Express

Bracelets – P.S. Styles ( freebie)

Scars – NSFW

Autopsy Stitches – No Longer Available 😦


The Little Black Dress

The little black dress.. an essential to any girl’s wardrobe, right?  I have found a new favorite ^^ Envy has a super cute new dollarbie dress available that has found a very welcome place in my wardrobe.. so easy to dress up or down and use for like, anything.. literally.. this dress is just great for a dollarbie. I love the subtle detailing in the texture and the fit of the skirt, just an all around great dress ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – D!va (group gift)

Eyes – Willow (freebie)

Skin – Bitzu Body Shop ( group gift)

Dress – Envy (dollarbie)



Earlier today.. or perhaps yesterday O_o.. I’m not sure really, things have a way of just appearing in my inventory without much notice lol… I opened up a copy of the new Yoga AO from Creative Insanity ( much luff to Sandriki and Ruy ^.^) I have to say that I absolutely looove this AO! It is so cute, and what better for someone who spends a LOOT of time standing at lucky boards and could use something to do while they are doing so lol.  So of course, I thought I would try to put a cute outfit to do yoga in on haha.  but really… go check the AO out.. it’s epic fun ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – D!va ( lucky board)

Skin – Dead Bunneh ( group gift)

Stitches & Blood – BLU 282

Butterfly – GOVIL ( group gift)

Ears – Panda Express

Eyes –  MIASNOW ( MM board)

Eyeslashes – [GLOW] studios

Sweater – Equilibrium ( freebie)

Tank – Cynful ( part of dollarbie outfit)

Nails – Love Soul ( lucky chair)

Pants – izm.  (freebie)