The darker side of (second) life…



Well as you can see I’ve had some issues with the flickr for this blog and pretty much everything  is gone. Personally I’m just a little over the whole fashion blogging thing for a while.. don’t get me wrong it’s a lot of fun and I absolutely adore many things I receive from those who still send me random things to review. However, I’ve just come to a point where I need something new. And so.. I’m moving to a new blog. Hopefully in time I can put Belle Morte back together and begin blogging fashion ( my true love lol) again..until then drop by and check out the new blog!


Diary of a Lucky Chair Stalker

A little side project of mine that I’m working on, this new blog is like a snapshot journal of all the eic avatars you can run across while wandering Second Life.  If you are interested in joining in the project as a writer or photographer please contact Zombina Gunawan in world. If you have a picture that you would like to submit of your lucky chair sightings please submit them along with your AV name, location of the chair, and explination if needed to

Other than that be sure to bookmark or add RSS so you can see all the great lucky chair sightings ^^

Diary of a Lucky Chair Stalker

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Dead Town Farewell Party

Well all good things come to an end.. or so they say. Tonight was that said end for one of my favorite sims, Dead Town, and the night was marked with an epic party and dollarbie hair 😀 During the party a dollarbie Mia Snow Edition of House of Munster’s OMFG hair was set out along with the fizzle doll being set out as a group freebie. ^^

Also, all the hair at House of Munster is still set to half off ( that’s as cheap as L$100 for colors and L$200 for tips!)  until the sim is gone. Very limited time on that.. supposedly it could go at any time so get down there NOW if you haven’t.. things still seem sketchy on whether House of Munster will be back or when that might be Dx. This hair is beyond worth picking up while you still have a chance, both original and adorable its a perfect match to any wardrobe ^^


Worn in Picture:

Hair – House of Munster Mia Snow Edition OMFG (dollarbie)

Ears & Antlers –  Gritty Kitty Fawnication

Eyes – Tacky Star Ghoul Fest

Skin- Tacky Star Stitched Mistress(Lolligaggers line)

Dress – Katat0nik Skull and Stripes ( 50L Fridays)

Tattoo – Tacky Star Alice’s Heart

Mouth Nails – Silence by Something in Your Mouth

Bracer – Rotten Toe Self Injury Kit

Saying Goodbye to Dead Town

Well for some reason none of the sims that I absolutely love seem to stick around for very long.. it’s a curse I swear lol. Just as soon as I find a new haunt they seem to fall from the face of the grid.  Such was the fate with an old favorite, Carnival of Doom.. and now so it seems such is the fate with my newly beloved Dead Town. Due to personal reasons, owner Lolli Munster has decided to sell the sim. It’s a sad sight with several stores gone, and Grim Brothers in shambles. I had to stop by today to pay my tearful  last respects before it disappeared forever.


Tableau Shoot

Well I’ve wandered Tableau countless times and thought to myself gahd I really need to get some pictures here.. well yesterday I finally got that chance to! I had so much fun here.. it’s absolutely beautiful. Rich deep colors and beautifully laid out nature, it lent for some really fun picture ideas ^^ Hope you enjoi 🙂

Asylum Shoot

Well my dahlink Karasa and I happened to be wandering as usual and ran across a super cute asylum! This bieng just my kind of thing I just had to stop for a few pics and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out ^^ Lots of great things to play with here. Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed taking them ^^

Cyber City Shoot

Well I’ve been doing a lot of wandering lately, and in my wanderings I ran across a place called “Cyber City” It’s not terribly large but what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in wonderful textures and how well thought out it is. I really enjoyed my stay here ^^

The colors here are aboslutely amazing! Rich saturated colors that are very well shaded. Some great shadows to play with in just about any corner here ^^

Lots of great lighting elements here to play with ^^ There is certainly a “future urban” feel here.. the design was very well done ^^

This of course lends itself well to darker photos, which anyone who knows me well knows these are by far my favorite to do so needless to say I had a lot of fun working with the lighting elements available and the richness of colors ^^

This last one is my personal favorite for a number of reasons. It has blood for one \o/ so rare to find good blood splatter in Second Life.. come on people bring on the blood lol. I had way too much fun on this one ^^

Sick Shoot

Well sick has long been one of my favorite places in SL… call it sick, S.I.C. , whatever.. everyone is different on this one and tbh I’m not terribly sure of the proper title for this place so I just go by the sim name(s) as usual lol. You couldn’t ask for a better place to take grungy urban shots than this place ❤ it.

Not only are the textures absolutely beautiful with thier rich colors but they lend well to dark or light shots. One could literally do any mood they wanted here with ease due to the versatility of this sim.

I had a lot of fun playing with the lighting in this one. That seems to be my latest addiction when it comes to editing regardless of the setting of the picture lol.

This was a fun one to do, I had been specifically looking for somewhere for this pose and this couldn’t have been better ^^ I loved the texturing here.

With this one I really wanted to emphasize the papers scattered about here, I really fell in love with them when I wandered past.

I fell in love with this guy the minute I saw him. I’m not sure what exactly he is supposed to be.. giant robot, mech, transformer maybe? but regardless he is full of awesome! One of my new favorite things in SL and he fits so perfectly in the settings at the sick sims.

Error Shoot

I stumblued across this sim while wandering and was so happy for such a lucky find! The landscape here is beautiful I absolutely love it. I had soo much fun doing this one ^^

I love the barren feel here i could easily get lost in thought here for hours ^^

While it is landscaped beautifully it isn’t completely overbrowded like some places tend to be in SL. So many sims would be beautiful if thier owners took the time to think thier layout out a bit rahter than simply cramming everything together.

I absolutely loved the rich textures here.. so much to work with it was hard not to take pictures of everything lol

I had a lot of fun playing with the lighting here ^^ The water was beautiful with rocks scattered here and there. It really helped give the place a realistic feel ^^

I love how this sim could easily be done in a darker or lighter setting or mood. While of course dark is my usual I might have to go back and do a slightly lighter set just for fun hehe ^^