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The Little Black Dress

The little black dress.. an essential to any girl’s wardrobe, right?  I have found a new favorite ^^ Envy has a super cute new dollarbie dress available that has found a very welcome place in my wardrobe.. so easy to dress up or down and use for like, anything.. literally.. this dress is just great for a dollarbie. I love the subtle detailing in the texture and the fit of the skirt, just an all around great dress ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – D!va (group gift)

Eyes – Willow (freebie)

Skin – Bitzu Body Shop ( group gift)

Dress – Envy (dollarbie)




Earlier today.. or perhaps yesterday O_o.. I’m not sure really, things have a way of just appearing in my inventory without much notice lol… I opened up a copy of the new Yoga AO from Creative Insanity ( much luff to Sandriki and Ruy ^.^) I have to say that I absolutely looove this AO! It is so cute, and what better for someone who spends a LOOT of time standing at lucky boards and could use something to do while they are doing so lol.  So of course, I thought I would try to put a cute outfit to do yoga in on haha.  but really… go check the AO out.. it’s epic fun ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – D!va ( lucky board)

Skin – Dead Bunneh ( group gift)

Stitches & Blood – BLU 282

Butterfly – GOVIL ( group gift)

Ears – Panda Express

Eyes –  MIASNOW ( MM board)

Eyeslashes – [GLOW] studios

Sweater – Equilibrium ( freebie)

Tank – Cynful ( part of dollarbie outfit)

Nails – Love Soul ( lucky chair)

Pants – izm.  (freebie)


Oh Mai Freebus

Well, first off… my SL is on the frittz so I won’t be adding any SLurls to this post for now ( hopefully I can get a minute to update and add them later.. sorreh >_< ) Now.. where was I? Oh right! Have you seen the new Narwhal subscrib-o outfit? Chances are you have.. it seems to be getting blogged a lot, but well I liked it so much I thought I would hop on the bandwagon too lol.

Worn In Picture:

Hair – BC322 Skull & Bones ( group gift)

Eyelashes – [Glow] studios

Eyes – Sunny Soon Su ( lucky board)

Skin – Little Girl (lucky chair)

Dress – Narwhal ( subscrib-o gift)

Shoes – Sweeter Than Candy ( group gift)

There have been sooo many hair freebies lately I’ve been getting quite spoiled lol.  One of my new favorites is from from Heart Softens. They actually have two group gifts available at the moment and the group is free to join ^^ Hair shown above is the latest group gift from them.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Heart Softens ( group gift)

Skin – Darkerside ( MM board)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Shirt – Insatiable Fashions (lucky chair)

Pants – Equilibrium ( MM board)

Ears – Panda Express

My newest favorite freebie outfit from the past few days is the adorable purple polka dot opening gift dress from Lovely Hearts. I love the texture on this one and the skirt fits my AV perfectly ( which, like, never happens LOL so it won me over with that xD)

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Eha ( freebie)

Skin – Envy Designs ( freebie)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Ears – Panda Express

Dress – Lovely Hearts ( freebie)

One of my new favorite lucky chair spots to hit up is Little Girl. Now, these might be old chairs.. I’m not sure. I don’t remember them from the last time I was there, which admittedly was a while ago… but omg i love everything I have gotten out of them!

Worn in Picture:

Hair – GOVIL ( freebie)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Ears – Panda Express

Skin – Oceane’s Beauty ( group gift)

Dress – Little Girl ( lucky chair)

A Freeb For All Occasions

So, ok, anyone who knows me well knows that you can NEVER guess what I’m going to be wearing lol. I go through outfits like some people go through mood swings… sometimes 5 or 6 a day. It’s sad really lol. As well as my inventory being wide and varied, my tastes seem to follow suit. Lucky for me there are enough great freebies out there lately to really help support my outfit fickleness lol.  One of my new favorites ( no not free, but seriously cheap at only 75L ) is the new Silent Lion Troupe item from Immateria. The Cats and Bats dress is just adorable… and hell, it’s named after 2 of my favorite things. Where would a  girl be without her cats or bats?  It goes great with a lot of the gothly things that have been popping up in MM boards and lucky chairs all over the grid too!

Worn in Picture:

Hair – POSH ( freebie.. one hella huge freeb fatpack available at the rumor sim.. get this or kick yourself in the ass for it later lol )

Skin – F’d Up ( MM board)

Knife – Cute Bytes (cheapie, only 30L )

Dress – ImmateriA  ( Silent Lion Troupe 75L )

Eyes – M2M (cheapie, i think only 10L but could be cheaper.. i really do need to take better notes lol )


Another of my moods is by far a more colorful one, and the freebs at HausofFox at the Rumor sim have me covered there with their lime green leggings. Seriously, its like a fetish. Give me anything lime green and I will love you forever. Add sparkles.. omg. total win.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – GOVIL ( lucky board)

Cheeks – Sunny Soon Su ( group gift)

Skin – Sunny Soon Su ( lucky board)

Shirt – Haus of Fox ( freebie @ Rumor)

Pants – Haus of Fox ( freebie @ Rumor)

Belt – Atomic

Shoes – UBU


Looking to dress it up a bit? d/w the freebie world has you covered for that one too. Glasnost has a whole huge box of super cute past items available as  a freebie on the table near the entrance of their store. Grab this one for sure.. lots of great mix and match items in there ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – GOVIL (lucky board)

Eyes – Umedama Holic (freebies)

Skin –  *(OO)* Yuki ( lucky board)

Dress- Glasnost ( freebie)

Shoes – Atomic

Pose – *Ribbon* ( 1L pose pack)


It’s a Group Thang..

So like there have been a TON of cute group gifts coming out in the past few days, right? wow… I’m getting over run with cuteness lol xD One of my favorites is the new one from S@bbia that came out earlier today. ( or yesterday.. or sometime lol I’m still getting used to being on Japan time compared to SL time lol.. ) Let’s just say recently xD  This one is a flowery tank with some cute lacy shorts. Normally I’m not a fan of flowers, but the modern vintage ( if that even makes sense to anyone else but me lol ) feel to it won me over 😀

Worn in Picture:

Hair – *Ribbon*  (lucky board)

Skin – CandyDoll (subscrib-o giftie)

Bandaids – Virus Co.

Ears – Panda Express

Necklace – Tee*fy  (dollarbie)

Scars –  Previously EBT ( now found as NSFW)

Eyes – Tacky Star


Another cute, and slightly more up the Dead Dolls alley, group gift out recently is the outfit from syaka. I love the tie and suspender.. thats right not suspenders but rather just one lol.. so cute xD This is a great one to piece apart and use with a million other things too IMO.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – TRICO (freebie)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Ears – Panda Express

Outfit – syaka ( group gift)

Skin – Viv.a skins ( freebie)

Scars – previously EBT (now found as NSFW)


Bag Lady

It seems that everywhere you turn in SL lately someone has a freebie bag available for you to pick up. While I generally find handbags in SL about as useless as toilets ( don’t get me started..) I have to admit that some of these are pretty damn cute! My favorite so far is the group gift BIG bag from YS&YS. This one is adorable and well.. the colors pretty much match like every outfit in my wardrobe… which is always a bonus lol.

Worn in Picture:

Hair  – \\Le’Boom// ( not free but omg i adore this hair ❤ )

Glasses – JE Republic ( group gift)

Skin – Curio

Ears – Panda Express

Necklace – Sinistyle

Shirt – Wonder Kids (freebie)

Movie Ticket (twilight eww but the idea is cute lol) – Wonder Kids ( subscrib-o giftie.. lots of other things in there too!)

Jeans – Insatiable Fashions ( part of a freebie outfit)

Boots –  AVZ

Bag – YS & YS ( group gift)

Scars – previously  EBT (now known as NSFW)


Another great bag out there in the sea of freebs is the cute one from LeLukta. Yet another GINORMOUS bag its great for hiding smokes, all that makeup you know you all carry around, even a few body parts in a pinch 😛  Once again, the red in this one is great for matching with my wardrobe lol. Oh, and bonus! this one comes with a skin! (also shown)

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Truth

Eyes – Tacky Star

Skin – LeLukta (freebie)

Ears – Panda Express

Shorts – COCO ( group gift)

Shirt – Mad Echo ( dollarbie)

Bag – LeLukta(freebie)

Scars – Previously EBT ( now known as NSFW)


Like what you see on the blog? That’s just a small fraction of the freebie updates available to the Dead Dolls own special little freebin’ group, Lucky Chair Zombies. Drop by the Dead Dolls HQ at the Bad Blood sim and sign up for Lucky Chair Zombies today to get up to the minute updates on all those deliciously devious freebies you know you can’t get enough of ❤


Have you heard? Dead Dolls is having a gridwide! List of participating stores for the Zombie Raid  is growing quickly and coming soon so be sure to stay tuned to our blog for more updates and join our group inworld (Dead Dolls of SL) . More info and group joiner can be found at our new HQ at the Bad Blood sim 😀

Car Wash Bi Annual Cart Sale – Belle Morte :D

The washes are having their bi-annual cart sale again and my store has a cart there! Nothing in the event is over 10Ls and there are tooons of stores participating so these are always an event not to be missed. Here are some of the things that are available at the sale from my store for only $10Ls each ( thats over 90% off on somethings 😀 )

Also a few outfits, and much much more but I’ll let the rest be a surprise xD  So be sure to get your arse to the cart sale now and be sure to save lots of time to wander around! This one covers not one but 2 sims 😀  My cart can be found here.

Skin Me Alive

So it would seem that a tooon of great new group gift and freebie skins have appeared during my bout with afkness lately! There are so many good skins out there, and ones that actually look good on my avatar! ( I’m amazed lol, I’m so picky that I rarely find so many that I really like >_< )  One of my absolute favorites is the skin offered in The Addiction Hunt from candydoll. The glossy lips on this one are casual but super cute. ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – BC322 *skull &bones*  ( Lucky board)

Skin – candydoll (  Addiction Hunt giftie)

Sweater – Paradisis

Pants – Rotten Toe ( group gift)


Another one of my absolute favorites are the group gift skins from Atomic this month ( yeah I know these have been out a while but I finally got to pick them up recently lol xD) There is a join fee for the Atomic group, but IMO it is beyond worth it. I love Atomic skins and there is usually a new gift one every month in the V.I.P. group 😀

Worn in Picture:

Hair & mouth bone – Vanity (Crazy Arse Hair Hunt gift)

Ears – Panda Express

Eyes – Tacky Star

Skin – Atomic ( V.I.P. group gift)

Top – A.S.S.

Pants – Rotten Toe ( group gift)

Bar – Tres Blah ( subscribo gift)


Finally, although there are sooo many more good ones out there atm ( maybe I’ll toss a few more on soon 😛 ), is the newish doll skin group gift from Rotten Toe. In contrast to the casual skin from candydoll this one has super bold makeup, but it’s not overdone like some skins can be. I always look to Rotten Toe skins when I want more makeup because I know I’m not going to look like I’m in my 50’s like most skins with a bold makeup statement look to me. ( Nothing worse than seeing all those cougar looking skins running around haha)  Also, there are about a million other group gifts available at Rotten Toe, and they are all really cute so be sure to grab everything while you are there lol. There is a join fee for the group but it is only like 11L or so…. so don’t worry it won’t break the bank xD

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Curious Kitties ( Crazy Arse Hair Hunt)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Skin – Rotten Toe ( group gift)

Ears – Panda Express