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-Broken- A Dead Dolls Charity Event for Japan

Hello everyone. As many of you know the Dead Dolls blog has moved to a new URL – Lucky Chair Zombies – but I still see this blog getting a substantial amount of hits and so I would like to post in regards to a very important event that the Dead Dolls have coming up… a charity fundraiser to help the victims of the Earthquake, Tsunami and resulting Nuclear Crisis unfolding in Japan currently. For more information or if you would like to take part in the event please see the full post at our Lucky Chair Zombies blog, or contact Zombina Gunawan inworld.  Thank You to everyone who has already pledged their support in such an important event!

… and out of the darkness the zombie did call…

Yup.. the time has finally come. It’s Zombie Raid time! I am so insanely excited after seeing some of the previews of gifts in the hunt. Thank you so much to all of the designers who have been kicking ass at coming up with amazing gifts in the hunt for everyone!  The hunt starts on October 15th and will run through the end of October, but it’s a short and sweet one so plenty of time to head out to all of the other amazing Halloween events going on around the grid too! ( BTW  speaking of which …check out horrorfest, seriously, omg it is going to be epic!)  Keep in mind that the hunt is open to everyone, you do not need to join Dead Dolls in order to do the hunt, however chat will be opening and hints will be given in Dead Dolls chat if you get stuck along the way.  Besides, we’d love to have you in our demented little undead family lol.

Below you will find the up to date list of stores that will be a part of the hunt as well as LMs to each store. ( However, I seriously recommend going through all of them and not skipping around to only the stores you like. We have some new names on the list that are really worth checking out if you are unfamiliar with them ! ^ ^)

List of Participating Stores:

1.) Belle Morte –

2.) Shameless –

3.) Sinner’s Tongue –

4.) Love Me Brutal –

5.) ImmateriA –

6.) Moose Knuckle –

7.) junkdrawer –

8.) Kis Kis –

9.) Cryptic Dolls –

10.) Ideal Illusion –

11.) Broken Cycle –

12.) Saturnine Dreams –

13.) Souzou Eien –

14.) Returned Karma –

15.) the Uneek –

16.) TUFT – **** ITEM NOT OUT***

17.) Lollipopz –

18.)  Angel Demon Creations  –

19.) Creative Insanity –

20.) Nymph Couture –

21.) Dark Dolls –

22.) .:CoLLisions:. –

23.) Dead Bunny –

24.) Sassy! –

25.) EVOL –

26.) Made in the UK –

27.) aMuse –

28.) junkfood –

29.) Obsidian Desires –

30.) Meka –

31.) [-\\Twat Waffle//-] –

32.)  Shades of October –

33.) Malizz Yiyuan Creation –

34.) Nostr@s Designs –

35.) Savoir Faire Shapes –

36.) Nibby-Licious Boutique –

37.) Psych0 –

39.) Relentless Couture –

40.) Show Me on the Doll –

41.) IrEn –

42.) Blue Blood –

43.) Rag Dollz –

44.) [BAIT] –

45.) Skin Deep/Little Pricks –

46.) Maddkat Designs –

47.) Love Zombie –

ut oh she’s back

Ok, call me full of shit… no, really… go ahead lol. As much as I wanted to leave SL I have realized that it’s not as easy as it would seem. A big thank you to all of my friends who ultimately convinced me that I would miss them way too much to actually say goodbye ❤ So, my RL is still being an utter pain in the ass but I realized that SL is my sanity, the thing that keeps my mind off of all the shit I’d rather put aside for the time being and share a joke with my girls in the kitty crew or find some amazing freebie to share with my zombies.. and so I’m back ( somewhat)  and yes! Dead Dolls is once again accepting applications for designers. BUT! There have been a few changes to the rules in the group as well as our designer policies so please be sure that you have the latest application before applying. ( 99.99678% of the time I do not get IMs as I live in a time zone completely opposite to that of Second Life so if you want an application NC me please <3) No, don’t worry.. there will be no Nazi Reich like in some groups lol… that’s just not me 😛 Generally, I try to be very approachable and friendly with my designers as long as I get the same level of respect back that is extended to you as a member of my group.

That said… the Zombie Raid hunt is back on! Yeah, I know… sheesh get it together Zom, right? ha! believe me, I was looking forward to this one as much as you and so I will be making it well worth your time to have waited so long to get your zombie lovin’ on. I have a lot of fun things in the works for both this hunt and other events I have in the works in coming months…so be sure to stay tuned. ( pssst… remember the sugar skulls hunt last year? Who’s up for round 2? 😀 I’ll be sending out applications for that hunt soon so be sure to keep an eye out for those as well as a Christmas event I am working on.. but I’ll tell you more about those later ^ ^) Back to the Zombie Raid, if you are not already on the list but want to get in on the fun fear not!  I will not be placing the updated list on the blog until a few days before the hunt so you still have time to get in on the hunt. Be sure to send Zombina a NC in world if you would like to participate. Of course, if you are not already a Dead Dolls designer you will need to join us as the hunt is only open to our designers 😛  However, to be a hunter you do NOT need to be a member of Dead Dolls to clear up some questions. ( I’ve had a few asking me about that and no, I would never force you to join believe me I know how precious those group slots are LOL) That said, I will be opening group chat throughout the hunt for hints and help so if you would like help with the hunt that is where you will be able to find it ^ ^

*z0m runs into a wall trying to catch up*

Wowowow what a busy year 2010 has been for me already. X_X  However, never fear I haven’t forgotten my little dead dolls lol.  Tons of great freebies and group gifts out already this year so I’m going to try to shove some of my favorites in an “uber post of randomness” to try to catch up while I actually have a free minute… before I die of shock that I have nothing else I need to do that is lol.

Up first is the super duper cute new group gift hair from Mustache! I loove the color on this one, but then I always have been partial to a good lime green. Be sure to hit the subscrib-o while you’re there for a free mustache! Every respectable lady needs one, ya know 😛

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Mustache!

Skin – Curio ( past group gift)

Mustache – Mustache! ( subscrib-o gift)

Ears – Aitui

Eyes – Tacky Star

Eyelashes – Glow Studios

Outfit – Blue Blood


Up next is the absolutely super cute zebra dollarbie(? can’t really remember lol dollarbie or freebie) zebra dress from Cupcakes. As many of my friends can tell you ( Bats I’m still waiting on my lime green zebra jacket :P) I am a huuuuge fan of Zebra so I had to have this one.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Truth ( freebie fatpack)

Skin – Estyle ( lucky chair)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Eyelashes – Glow Studios

Ears – Aitui

Dress – Cupcakes ( dollarbie?)


Finally today is a little mix and match of some gothy goodness from around the grid. McSkin has a cute new group gift outfit out that I just love. Also, (posh) has an awesome 4 pack of 2 tone hair out great for those like who can never make their mind up anyway lol.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – (posh)  freebie

Eyes – Tacky Star

eyelashes – Glow Studios

Ears – Aitui

Skin – Nuuna Skin ( freebie)

Outfit – McSkin ( group gift)


Pretty in Pink

Just a quickie tonight. Found some cuteness in pink all over the grid tonight and just had to show off the new skins from Tacky Star somehow lol. As everyone probrably already knows about me I have an unhealthy love for Tacky Star skins lol but I have to say I am so much more then impressed with the latest release. Such a delicious glam look I’ve been wearing them nonstop xD . Also equally exciting… Violet Voltaire is coming back \o/ I’m so excited.. I adore her work lol. Right now all of her older items are on sale for under 99L… even the cute little hair bows ( originally in another position lol) pictured above for only 5L… Inorite! 5L for Violet Voltaire lol.

Worn in Picture :

Hair – Yuna’s Hair ( item camp)

Hair Bow – Violet Voltaire ( discontinued items sale)

Eyes – Poetic Colors ( freebie)

Ears – Aitui

Skin – Tacky Star ( new release! Pollie <3)

Tattoo – GoK

Dress – Tazzmania ( 1L)



Frost Bite

Well the holidays may be over and gone but the cold cold winter is certainly still here and in full force ’round my part of the world. Its days like this as I watch the snow pile up outside that I’m oh so glad for the wealth of amazing winterey outfits coming through in the Dead Dolls  group notices. One of my favorites, while not a freebie… but just super adorable… is the Permafrost Elf Outfit from ImmateriA…complete with little icicles hanging from your elf ears. This outfit exactly sums up how I feel today lol. I’ve been dealing with a major elf addiction lately so this one comes out just in time to feed to my addiction as well lol xD

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Magika

Skin – Vive9

Eyelashes – [Glow] Studios

Outfit & Ears – ImmateriA


Wait, wait.. what’s this Dead Dolls you speak of z0m? Well I’m glad you asked. In my opinion Dead Dolls is quite possible the best collection of amazing goth, punk, and alt. designers in all of SL. Sure, I suppose I’m a bit biased but in all honesty.. I love this group lol…I find something new I like almost daily in the notices 😀  Come check us out and pick up the group freebies at our HQ. Designers, think you’re interested in joining the Dead Dolls? Check our past group notices or contact Zombina Gunawan for a copy of our invite ^.^


Sugar Skulls Hunt

Its almost time for the Dead Dolls of Second Life Sugar Skulls hunt! Starting on November 2nd, Dia De Los Muertos, and lasting until the 7th, the Sugar Skulls Hunt will take place at ..::Muertos::.. the home of Dead Dolls of SL. Tons of great designers are already signed up on this one so watch the blog for a list of participants coming soon ^^.

Can’t wait until November to start grabbing those freebies? That’s ok, Zom’s gotcha. Drop by Dead Dolls Headquarters or any of the participating stores and slap the sign up to get information on the hunt and a little freebie T shirt I made up as a thank you for your interest in our hunt 🙂  More info coming soon!


Worn in Picture:

Hair – Valium by Deviant Kitties

Eyes – Blue Mist by Avid

Skin – Misty (Wrecked) by League

Necklace – Rosary by Sinistyle

Ears – Elfin Ears by Illusions

Shirt – Sugar Skulls Freebie Shirt by Belle Morte

Pants – Cutie Bootie Capris by Belle Morte

Stitches – In Stitches by Something in Your Mouth

Tattoo – Hanamachi Dream by GoK

Scars – Autopsia Scar by Blood and Scars

So Ya Want Some Freebies?

Get comfy lol this might take a while. I cannot believe all of the amazing freebies that the Dead Dolls designers have been sending out in group notices, leaving at their shops, and leaving at HQ for group members. Thanks so much to any of you that may be reading this lol ❤  You guys rawk ^^.  So many freebies out there I don’t even know where to begin, they are all so awesome ^^

First up come a cute little striped sweater from Arsenic Lace. This one can be found in past group notices. I absolutely love this one, and as a firm believer that every wardrobe should have at least one white and black striped sweater I think you will too 😛 This one is super cute, great freebie ^^

Up next from ::Poised::, also available in past group notices, is the funny/cute “demo” outfit. I love outfits with a sense of humor and this one will be the subject of many funny pictures to come Im sure lol.

There are actually freebies from 2 stores in this one ^^ ( Oh I’m nowhere near done yet lol) First, the outfit (shirt and shorts) is part of a dollarbie box with alll kinds of things from shirts and shorts to piercings that can be found at [BUTT-ER]. Some cute stuff definitely worth picking up ^^ Also shown in the picture are the scars tattoos from Nestle My Bosom found in the past group notices ^^ Personally I can never have enough scar and wound tattoos so I was happy to see these come through the notices lol.

Both found in notices are the super cute Emily the Strange zombie shirt from Sick With Lust and the adorable orange and black leopard spotted shoes (with skull bows eeee!!) from A-Bomb. Besides Lenore (<33) Emily is certainly a little creepy girl comic favorite hehe so I love this shirt, and the shoes are adorable and the perfect colors to match at least 3/4 of my wardrobe this time of year lol.

Again from Nestle My Bosom, but this time in the store ( but there is a male and female gift here so bonus :P)  All kinds of cute stuff to be had from this one. Shown in the picture is the ready to party tank from the female gift box. ^^  Also shown in the picture is part of the Halloween Goodies available at Pdiddle ^^ Some super cute hair ( better than I could do on my “first attempt” for sure lol) and some creepy cute eyes ^^.

Also to be found in past notices in the Dead Dolls of SL group is the super cute antiquey outfit (complete with candle to carry hehe) from Immateria. So much deatail in this one you have to see it on to appreciate the work ^^ This one comes with shoes and everything.  Also included in the box is an adorable pumpkin backpack 😀 Too cute lol ^^

Brand New gift in past notices from Kid Asia too ^^ The super cute punk princess dress is great for any wardrobe transitioning from summer to fall. I love the colors in this dress ^^

Last but certainly not least are the adorable Dead Doll hair barrettes from Yellow Jester. These are brand new to the HQ today so if you haven’t been yet come grab these for sure. Available in both silver and rusted styles with lots of attachment point options these are a must have for any little dead doll hehe. ^^





Worn in Pictures:

** All poses in this post are from the Foxxy Designs new Zombie pose pack ^^

(pic 1)

Horns, Ears, Skin, Tail, Eyes, hooves – Hellsent by Violent Seduction

Juicebox – Bat Pack Juice  by *mocorin* ( 10L gacya)

Top – Black and White Stripes by Arsenic Lace ( Dead Dolls group freebie – notices)

Skirt – Deathgrip by Sn@tch

Bone Bra – Scary Bone Bra by BB

Hair – Jimi by Deviant Kitties

(pic 2)

Skin, Horns, Ears, Hooves, Eyes – Hellsent by Violent Seduction

Hair – Jimi by Deviant Kitties

Juicebox – Bat Juice Pack by *mocorin* ( 10L gacya)

Outfit – Demo by ::Poised:: ( Dead Dolls freebie – notices)

(Pic 3)

Hair – Jimi by Deviant Kitties

Skin – Misty (Emo) by League

Top and Shorts – [BUTT-ER] freebie (in store)

Scars tattoo – Nestle my Bosom freebie (Dead Dolls – notices)

(pic 4)

Hair – Jimi by Deviant Kitties

Skin – Misty (Emo) by League

Necklace – Razorblade Heart by Otaku Designs  (dollarbie)

Top –  Emily’s A Zombie shirt by Sick With Lust ( Dead Dolls freebie – notices)

Skirt – Plaid Mini by Wrong

Shoes –  Amy Wedge ( orange special edition) by A- Bomb ( dead dolls freebie – notices)

(pic 5)

Hair – Oh No I Tried Hair by Pdiddle ( Halloween freebies in store)

Eyes – Motion Sickness Eyes by Pdiddle ( halloween freebies in store)

Skin – Misty (emo) by League

Necklace – Razorblade Heart by Otaku Designs

Top – Ready To Party by Nestle My Bosom ( in store freebie)

Pants – Skinny Jeans by Medley

(pic 6)

Hair – Valium by Deviant Kitties

Eyes – Motion Sickness Eyes by Pdiddle ( halloween in store freebie)

Skin –  Misty (emo) by League

Outfit , Shoes, and Candle – Harvest Dark Blooming outfit by Immateria ( Dead Dolls freebie – notices)

(pic 7)

Hair – Scene Queen by Deviant Kitties

Eyes – Motion Sickness Eyes by Pdiddle ( halloween freebies in store)

Dress – Punk Princess by Kid Asia ( Dead Dolls freebie – notices)

Skin – Misty (emo) by League

Necklace – Razorblade Heart by Otaku Designs

(pic 8 )

Hair – Jimi by Deviant Kitties

Barrettes – Dead Dolls Barrettes by Yellow Jester ( Dead Dolls freebie @ HQ)

Skin – Misty (emo) by League

Eyes – Motion Sickness Eyes by Pdiddle (in store halloween freebie)

Necklace – Razorblade Heart by Otaku Designs

Top – Punk Princess by Kid Asia (dead dolls freebie – notices)

First Batch of Halloween Freebies

halloween freebs

The first *good* batch of Halloween freebies just keeps getting bigger and bigger today ^^ Can’t complain there lol. Lots of great holiday goodies to be had ❤  Some of my favorites so far this year are Sanu and [Love Soul] with their cute noms and *not so* noms like the super cute “battycupcakes” that fly around you ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Shea by Adored ( freebie)

Hat –  Halloween hat by Roman (freebie)

Necklace – Ruru@Pino Panda Necklace ( freebie)

Ears – Kyu-to Neko Ears by Dirty Lynx

Pumpkin Lollipop – [Love Soul] lucky chair secret prize #2

Top – Limited Edition Trick or Treat by Haven Designs ( lucky board and riot vend)

Skirt & Leggings  – Voodoo Lolli by Sn@tch

Shoes – Cuppie Ballet Flat by Sanu

Tattoo – Hanamachi Dream by GoK

Skin – Calm by Tacky Star (pighead hunt)

Handbag – Lycee Halloween Handbag 10L each several different styles ^^

Pose – Music Box Dancer AO by Ana_Mations (lucky chair)

New Hair Freebie Up @ Dead Dolls HQ

New freebie hair up at Dead Doll HQ from one of our newest stores to join, Lollipopz. This hair is super cute and the Dead Doll Freebie version comes in 3 colors ^^ So grab your Dead Dolls tag and get down to HQ to pick up yours ^^ More to come soon 😀


Also Worn in Picture:

Hair – Bad Hair Day by Lollipopz ( Dead Doll HQ freebie!)

Skin –  Med Goth Skin (Fior di Perle pretzel hunt giftie)

Collar, Outfit and Nipple Tape – Sleeping Beauty Set by Tacky Star ( Macabre Hunt giftie)

Mouth – Voodoo Doll by SISSI

Shoes – Riva by Pretties ( 25L shoe sale)

Floating Cookie Jar -Alice Jar by  Le*o+o  (lucky chair freebie)