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Easter Hunt @ Belle Morte

Easter has found its way to Belle Morte and to celebrate there are 4 eggs hidden around the store for 1L each. Once you have each of the eggs you have a completely outfit including shoes, skirt, top, and necklace. ( I’ve had so many requests for jewelry with the skull from the sugar skulls hunt so here you go ^.^ ) The eggs will be out form now until April 5th and then the outfit will be gone forever 😀


Group Lovin’

Ok last post from me and I am totes done playing catch up lol… promise >_< However the lovin’ from the subscribo-s and groups has been pretty good lately so I had to throw a post together for some of those. My personal favorite is the new necklace in the Subscrib-O @ Ganked, the “All That Jazz” neclace.. omg its cute ^^.


Worn in Picture:

Hair – * RezIpsa Loc * ( savoir hair freebie)

Eyes – Poetic Colors ( spring freebie)

Skin – Miss Murder ( freebie)

Hoodie Dress – *Fringe* ( group gift)

Necklace – Ganked ( group gift)

Tattoo – Pdiddle

Ears – Aitui

Spring Break

If you are anything like me then you are MORE than ready for spring to be here already. Luckily lots of cute spring-type freebies have been showing up more and more lately. One of my favorites is the super cute school girl outfit in the lucky chair at Epic. This store is somewhat new to me but OMG it is full of teh cute ^.^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Deviant Kitties ( 20L Sale.. ends soon i think)

Skin – Vive9 ( lucky toilet)

Ears – Aitui

Eyes – Tacky Star

School Girl Outfit – Epic ( lucky chair)

Bacpack – Sweet Leonard ( freebie)

Shoes – U.B.U


Another place that spring has deffinately sprung is at [KUE!]. I absolutely love love love the new items in the lucky boards there. Goes to show how far behind I have gotten lately, a friend of mine ( a very adorable fluffah kitteh ❤ one of my favorite avatars hehe) teleported me to catch a Z and I kicked myself for hours for not having read the NC from [KUE!] sooner lol xD

Luckily I’ve been having a good day and got all 3 fairly quickly.. they are sooo worth the wait though.

Worn in Pictures:

(pic 1)

Hair – Hairy Situation ( freebie)

Skin – Atomic ( group gift… i believe no longer available :<)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Eyelashes – Glow Studios

Dress- [KUE!] ( lucky board)

(pic 2)

Hair – G& Y hair ( dollarbie)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Eyelashes – Glow Studios

Ears – Aitui

Glasses – [KUE!] (lucky board)

Dress – [KUE!]  (lucky board)


Newness @ Belle Morte

Yah, I know it’s been ages since I’ve had something new lol… Just a few things this time around but good news! I’m working on a lot of things for the new year and the spring shopping season coming up soon as well as gifts for a few hunts that I’m super excited about, including the Tainted Love Hunt by Yellow Jester. ( I can’t wait to do this one myself lol xD)

Up first is my new Midnight Mania prize in the store.. the Pillow Wall, which is the first of many things to come from my Slumber Party Set. These cold winter days make me want to do nothing more then bury myself in pillows and blankets so I figured why not in SL too lol. The target for this one is only 50 slaps so bring your friends this one should fill up quickly lol.

Another item from my venture into poses is the Drunk Chair. This one is available in the lucky chair or for only 50Ls… more of these with different themes coming soon lol.

Also new in the lucky chair is the mouth blade from my new Razorblade Kiss outfit… or if you’re impatient like me you can just buy it for 30Ls lol.

Also a new dollarbie available, the SupaStah tattoo..just a little something but don’t worry Dead Dolls I have a good freebie in the works coming for you sooon ❤

Finally for this release is the Razorblade Kiss Outfit, which comes with jeans, 2 tanks, and a razorblade for your mouth for only 100Ls.  I ❤ the band HIM and if you couldn’t have guessed this outfit is inspired by one of their songs lol.


Post of Random Holiday Yummys

Ok… trying to clear out some folders and get myself caught up so this could quite possibly be the most random post I’ve done in a while ( which is saying a lot.. I’m know for being quite random lol) However, they’re all holiday items so that makes them go together, right?  😛  Up first is the cute group giftie jumper from IBizarre that came out today in notices. So many ways you can wear this I love it ^.^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Magika

Antlers and Holly – Illusions ( freebie)

Skin – Frick ( group gift)

Eyes – Luxirious World ( 1L present hunt)

Hooves – Chimera ( freebie avatars)


Up next is the cute camp chair dress from Luxurious World. ( The camp chair is a blogger’s.. or anyone who hoards inventory for that matter’s friend lol) Sit for 30 minutes ( and do the super easy 1L present hunt while you are sitting if you are good at camming :P) and the dress is yours ^.^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Calico Creations ( freebie)

Skin – Lelukta ( Le.Look freebie)

Eyes – Luxurious World ( 1L present hunt)

Dress – Luxurious World ( camp chair freebie)


Finally for this mad posting spree is the cute Christmas sweater released from KHUSH today. They have really been putting out a lot of freebies so make sure to  grab all the presents under the tree if you haven’t been yet ^.^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Calico Creations ( freebie)

Eyes – Luxurious World ( 1L present hunt)

Skin – Curio ( group gift)

Sweater – KHUSH ( freebie)

Mouth Cuppie – Sanu ( Group gift)

Shorts – Beauty Avatar ( Le.Look freebie)


Santa’s Bringin Sexy Back

Ok yeah, I know… horrible title lol… a lovely mental image of a fat man in a thong  LOL. Anyway.. sexy is certainly hitting the holiday freebies in Second Life. Vinyl Cafe, known for lovely freebies if you haven’t been before, has a super cute threesome of boleros available for free. ( red, black, and white)  While I have nobody to wear them for I think I’ll just wear them around my sim while I build hehe.. just because. xD

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Shag ( subscrib – o group gift)

Skin – Curio ( group gift)

Eyes – Eponym ( 1L – click the 12 dys of xmas sign in store)

Ears – Aitui

Bolero – Vinyl Cafe ( freebie)

Undies – Noir Lolita ( freebie)


Another cute holiday outfit out there that says “unwrap me baby” ( yah i know I’m a dork lmao) is the little christmasey minidress and legwarmers ( complete with resizer script) by Excess. This one is a dollarbie but very worth it ^.^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Shag ( subscrib-o gift)

Skin – Curio ( group gift)

Eyes –  Eponym ( 1L)

Ears – Aitui

Dress and Shoes – EXCESS ( 1L)


’tis the season ( for freebies ^^)

Every good freebie hunter knows that Christmas season, unlike any other, is a wonderful time to find freebies all over Second Life. The generosity of designers around this holiday seems to grow every year. This is certainly the case this year, with more and more awesome gifts and freebies showing up on the grid every day in December.  A store well known for some awesome gifts and freebies, Curious Kitties, made their contribution to the Christmas cuteness with their Winter Cutie outfit ( free for everyone, including socks, boots, etc) and their group gift of the matching Winter Cutie hat. ( If you have the nanotech hud you can change the hair color in the group gift too ^^)

Worn in Picture:

Hat and Hair – Winter Cutie by Curious Kitties ( group gift)

Outfit – Winter Cutie by Curious Kitties ( freebie)

Skin – Oh My! by Rotten Toe ( group gift)


One of my favorite stops for holiday cuteness regardless of holiday is Umi Usagi. While you have to join the group and camp for this one, in my opinion it is more than worth it. This awesome X-Mas dress is great quality and as with most things from Umi Usagi it has so many pieces that you can wear it tons of different ways. ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Merry Xmas Hair by Magika ( 50L holiday special)

Skin – Oh My! by Rotten Toe ( group gift)

Eyes- Rabbit Eyes by Umi Usagi ( group gift)

Dress – Xmas dress by Umi Usagi ( group item camp)

Shoes – Shuffle Flats by T.Z ( 50L fridays)


Last but not least of this holiday installment ( although I have to admit I’m not much of a Christmas person so forgive me if i stray away from holiday items again lol) is the adorable Christmas group gift dress from Schoen. This store is relatively new to me, I found them over the summer, but I’ve been really happy with most of their group gifts. Their holiday dress is super cute and comes with the option of wearing as a long or short skirt, depending on the occasion. While I’m certainly not a long skirt kinda girl, I do like having the option there.. just in case lol.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Blinky by Magika ( holiday special 50L)

Skin – Oh My! by Rotten Toe ( group gift)

Dress- Schoen Holiday Dress ( group gift)

Eyes – Rabbit Eyes by Umi Usagi ( group gift)


Pretty in Punk


Wow it seems like an eternity but finally I got a chance to get back on Second Life for more than a minute or 2 today.. and what a great surprise showed up in my daily onslaught of notices! \o/  .44 Caliber, a store that I already love for having a sweet name xD, is having a great sale until November 22nd. Pretty much everything in the store is on sale for 44L or 144L with fatpacks @ 444L. Shown in the picture is just one of many many styles of cute punky pants available for 44L. Lots of cute tanks and other items too ^.^ Also, talk about perfect timing, Black Maria has a new mohawk group gift hair out (along with tons of other dollarbie and freebie hair and a cute punk pigtails in the lucky board ).

Speaking of hair Salon MA*YO has some absolutely adorable freebie hair up as a grand opening gift for their main store. Not sure how much longer this one is going to be available so grab it while you can… as a lover of red hair I have to say it is a must have ^.^


Worn in Picture:

Hair – Axel by Black Maria (dollarbie)

Tank – Darlen Baby Blue by [ILAYA] (limited dollarbie)

Pants -Carny Stripe Trousers in Red by Fear and Clothing (44L sale @ .44 caliber)

Necklace – Butterfly Lace Choker by Noir Lolita ( freebie)

Skin – Mikaela by Lara Skin ( freebie)

Shoes – Porn Star Low Tops by Urban Bomb Unit ( not free)

(pic 2)

Hair – Salon MA*YO Asami Hair (opening gift freebie)

Skin – Mikaela by Lara Skin ( freebie)

Necklace – Butterfly Lace Choker by Noir Lolita ( freebie)

Grab Yer Torches and Pitchforks!

Ok so maybe not that kind of hunt… but OMG there are so many great Halloween Hunts going on right now. Personally, I am so over gridwides its not even funny, so I have been sticking to the smaller hunts and I have to say I am compltely happy with these lol. I think the designers put far more into their hunt prizes when they are for smaller hunts, and well honestly you don’t get those stores that make tons of crap to throw in every gridwide that comes along. (You know you can all think of a store or 2 that is in every single gridwide and yet has mostly garbage to give away, which is sad becuase most of these stores have nice things in their actual store inventory… why spread yourself so thin that you represent yourself with less than your caliber of work… makes no sense lol)

One of my favorite hunt gifts ( actually 10 of them to be exact) is the dollarbie witch hat hunt at Frick. I started out as a newbie on Frick skins and still love them just as much now that I own several far more high priced skins lol. You absolutely cannot beat the price and originality of these skins. All of the Halloween skins have beautiful eye makeup that would do good for Halloween as well as the rest of fall ^^.  (or any time if you’re like me lol)

Another good Halloween event going on is the HoPo (HodgePodge) Halloween event. Not a hunt, but you have to walk around as much as one to find participating stores lol. Lots of store have out cute Halloween dollarbies or freebies like the dress pictured above from Elate.



Worn in Pictures:

Hair – Medusa by Liquid Candy ( old freebie not sure if still available)

Eyes – Love Puppet Eyes by EVOL ( not free but really cheap)

Skin – Hallow’s Starlight by Frick ( 1L witch hat hunt gift)

Dress – Eve Halloween Dress by Elate (HoPo freebie)

Wings – Candy Corn Wings ( Sany Candy Hunt)

Boots – Asskicker Boots by KOSH ( old freebie no longer available)

Tattoo –  Addicted Tattoo by  I ♥ 13 ( group gift)

1L Breast Cancer Awareness Outfit

As you may or may not know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is a subject very close to my heart with my grandmother just finally finishing up  treatment for just this type of cancer.  Lots of stores have great things out to help raise awareness and I thought since this one actually means something to me I would make something as well ^^  ( Don’t get me wrong I’m all for causes, but I’m also not going to be fake and support every one that comes along if I have no personal reasons for doing so just to jump on the proverbial bandwagon.)  So that said, theres a new freebie outfit ( tank and capris) out in both stores by the subscrib-o for only 1L. ^^


Worn in Picture:

Hair – White Well freebie Halloween hair

Ears – Illusions Elfin Ears

Necklace – Sinistyle Rosary

Skin – League Misty (wrecked)

Tank – Breast Cancer Awareness Tank by Belle Morte

Capris –  Cutie Bootie Capris by Belle Morte