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… and out of the darkness the zombie did call…

Yup.. the time has finally come. It’s Zombie Raid time! I am so insanely excited after seeing some of the previews of gifts in the hunt. Thank you so much to all of the designers who have been kicking ass at coming up with amazing gifts in the hunt for everyone!  The hunt starts on October 15th and will run through the end of October, but it’s a short and sweet one so plenty of time to head out to all of the other amazing Halloween events going on around the grid too! ( BTW  speaking of which …check out horrorfest, seriously, omg it is going to be epic!)  Keep in mind that the hunt is open to everyone, you do not need to join Dead Dolls in order to do the hunt, however chat will be opening and hints will be given in Dead Dolls chat if you get stuck along the way.  Besides, we’d love to have you in our demented little undead family lol.

Below you will find the up to date list of stores that will be a part of the hunt as well as LMs to each store. ( However, I seriously recommend going through all of them and not skipping around to only the stores you like. We have some new names on the list that are really worth checking out if you are unfamiliar with them ! ^ ^)

List of Participating Stores:

1.) Belle Morte –

2.) Shameless –

3.) Sinner’s Tongue –

4.) Love Me Brutal –

5.) ImmateriA –

6.) Moose Knuckle –

7.) junkdrawer –

8.) Kis Kis –

9.) Cryptic Dolls –

10.) Ideal Illusion –

11.) Broken Cycle –

12.) Saturnine Dreams –

13.) Souzou Eien –

14.) Returned Karma –

15.) the Uneek –

16.) TUFT – **** ITEM NOT OUT***

17.) Lollipopz –

18.)  Angel Demon Creations  –

19.) Creative Insanity –

20.) Nymph Couture –

21.) Dark Dolls –

22.) .:CoLLisions:. –

23.) Dead Bunny –

24.) Sassy! –

25.) EVOL –

26.) Made in the UK –

27.) aMuse –

28.) junkfood –

29.) Obsidian Desires –

30.) Meka –

31.) [-\\Twat Waffle//-] –

32.)  Shades of October –

33.) Malizz Yiyuan Creation –

34.) Nostr@s Designs –

35.) Savoir Faire Shapes –

36.) Nibby-Licious Boutique –

37.) Psych0 –

39.) Relentless Couture –

40.) Show Me on the Doll –

41.) IrEn –

42.) Blue Blood –

43.) Rag Dollz –

44.) [BAIT] –

45.) Skin Deep/Little Pricks –

46.) Maddkat Designs –

47.) Love Zombie –

ut oh she’s back

Ok, call me full of shit… no, really… go ahead lol. As much as I wanted to leave SL I have realized that it’s not as easy as it would seem. A big thank you to all of my friends who ultimately convinced me that I would miss them way too much to actually say goodbye ❤ So, my RL is still being an utter pain in the ass but I realized that SL is my sanity, the thing that keeps my mind off of all the shit I’d rather put aside for the time being and share a joke with my girls in the kitty crew or find some amazing freebie to share with my zombies.. and so I’m back ( somewhat)  and yes! Dead Dolls is once again accepting applications for designers. BUT! There have been a few changes to the rules in the group as well as our designer policies so please be sure that you have the latest application before applying. ( 99.99678% of the time I do not get IMs as I live in a time zone completely opposite to that of Second Life so if you want an application NC me please <3) No, don’t worry.. there will be no Nazi Reich like in some groups lol… that’s just not me 😛 Generally, I try to be very approachable and friendly with my designers as long as I get the same level of respect back that is extended to you as a member of my group.

That said… the Zombie Raid hunt is back on! Yeah, I know… sheesh get it together Zom, right? ha! believe me, I was looking forward to this one as much as you and so I will be making it well worth your time to have waited so long to get your zombie lovin’ on. I have a lot of fun things in the works for both this hunt and other events I have in the works in coming months…so be sure to stay tuned. ( pssst… remember the sugar skulls hunt last year? Who’s up for round 2? 😀 I’ll be sending out applications for that hunt soon so be sure to keep an eye out for those as well as a Christmas event I am working on.. but I’ll tell you more about those later ^ ^) Back to the Zombie Raid, if you are not already on the list but want to get in on the fun fear not!  I will not be placing the updated list on the blog until a few days before the hunt so you still have time to get in on the hunt. Be sure to send Zombina a NC in world if you would like to participate. Of course, if you are not already a Dead Dolls designer you will need to join us as the hunt is only open to our designers 😛  However, to be a hunter you do NOT need to be a member of Dead Dolls to clear up some questions. ( I’ve had a few asking me about that and no, I would never force you to join believe me I know how precious those group slots are LOL) That said, I will be opening group chat throughout the hunt for hints and help so if you would like help with the hunt that is where you will be able to find it ^ ^

Easter Hunt @ Belle Morte

Easter has found its way to Belle Morte and to celebrate there are 4 eggs hidden around the store for 1L each. Once you have each of the eggs you have a completely outfit including shoes, skirt, top, and necklace. ( I’ve had so many requests for jewelry with the skull from the sugar skulls hunt so here you go ^.^ ) The eggs will be out form now until April 5th and then the outfit will be gone forever 😀


Tainted Stars

So all of the Valentines day hunts are now in full swing around the grid. Lots of good things popping up on a few of them, but my personal favorite so far has to the the Tainted Love Hunt. One of my favorite stores, Tacky Star, has the most amazing pack of skins for their gift in this one. I sooo love the lips on these skins, absolutely perfect for so many of my outfits… they are such a welcome addition to my inventory lol.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – House of Munster

Eyes – Tacky Star ( Tainted Love Hunt gift)

Skin – Tacky Star ( Tainted Love Hunt gift)

Eyelashes – [Glow] Studios

Dress – Blue Blood

Boots – AVZ


I’ll Take My Love Tainted, Thank You

As usual I am so very late on getting this post up, but hey… can’t break from my tradition right? *giggle* Have you heard that they Tainted Love Hunt has started? OhMahGawd there are some amazing gifties in this one, seriously lol. ( Don’t worry more on that coming soon, promise hehe) My store, Belle Morte, is in this one for once. Usually I’m not a fan of being in hunts. Sure, they are good publicity but I feel that with my schedule I just don’t have the time it takes to provide a high quality gift so it would be not only stress to myself but not fair to those who do the hunt. However, when the invite for this one came my way I had to jump on it.  I love the theme of this one and had a million ideas running through my sick little for gifties. In the end, one of my new poses won lol. My giftie is the “If I Can’t Have You Nobody Can” couples pose based off of the idea of love gone wrong. Gotta love crazy stalker boyfriends lol. (psst Deathnote shirt from the add is also now available @ Belle Morte for only 5L ^.^)

For more information on the Tainted Love Hunt check out the official blog


Bai Bai 2009…Blue Blood Style

I was so excited when the notice came from Blue Blood that she had set up a Bye Bye 2009 Hunt in the castle going on through the end of the week. Not only could I find a cute outfit in a variety of colors for only 1L each, but I had found another excuse to prolong my procrastination on building hehehe.  The outfit is adorable and can be worn as a skirt or suit and is available in a ton of colors.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Shag ( subscrib- o gift)

Skin – Curio ( group gift)

Eyes – Eponym ( 1L)

Ears – Aitui

Dress/Suit – Blue Blood ( 1L hunt)

Oh, and while you are there…seriously… take some time to look around. Not only are there a tonnnnn of lucky boards with the cute Nekochan outfit loaded in them, but also a MM board with a super cute dress, a riot vend ( that shouldn’t be hard to get with a hunt going on *wink*), lots of group only offers up on the second floor, and my personal favorite find… the cute winter outfits hanging on a little tree in a room on the second floor for only 25L  😀  I missed these somehow in notices and about died when I saw them… just too cute ^.^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Shag ( subscrib-o gift)

Eyes – Eponym ( 1L)

Skin – Curio ( group gift)

Ears- Aitui

Outfit – Blue Blood ( 25L)


Zomg Holiday Hunts

I’m baaack and OMG there are so many little holiday hunts to catch up on to keep me busy today lol. Of course, all of the larger hunts are still in full swing ( and the Xmas party for the Down the Chimney Hunt.. complete with dinosaurs xD coming up soon) but still my favorite and most close to my heart are all the little hunts popping up all over the place. Frick has a hunt going on for some really nice male ( yeah male!) and female skins, and a cute little holiday corset dress until January 4th.

I have always been a fan of Frick’s skins but I have to say that each time I go to one of her hunts I find clothes there to buy.. (which are just as cheaply priced as her skins, usually under L100 for full outfits) and I love them all. Certainly worth going. Be sure to grab the new group gift out while you are there too ^.^

Worn in Pictures:

(picture 1)

Hair – ETD

Skin – Frick ( candy cane hunt)

Necklace – Frick ( candy cane hunt)

Eyes – Tacky Star ( Twisted Krissmus)

Ears – Aitui

(pic 2)

Hair – LoveSoul ( zombie santa event )

Skin – Frick ( candy cane hunt)

Ears- Aitui

Eyes – Tacky Star ( Twisted Krissmus)

Dress – Frick ( candy cane hunt)

Necklace – Frick ( candy cane hunt)


The Barerose Holiday Hunt also opened up to the public today. This hunt has 4 separate places to search for your prize as you follow a wonderful little story about an unfortunate little dog named Bell. You get a full outfit by the time you are done with this one ^.^

Worn in Picture

Hair – Armidi

Dress – Bare rose Hunt

Wings and Halo – Barerose Hunt

Skin – Atomic ( group gift)

Eyes – Atomic  ( group gift)

Ears – Aitui


Xmas Zombie Massacre

It’s Santa zombie time at Love Soul and Nipponbashi ! Head to one of the start locations, grab your cute santa suit (available in male and female versions) and your bashin’ pillow and start taking out zombies for tickets to trade in for super cute prizes at gift vendors located all over both sims. Zombie Santas will randomly drop little christmas trees and a blue dropdown will let you know which ticket you have recieved.  This has to be one of the most fun freebie hunts out there hehe.

Worn in Picture:

Santa Hat, Outfit & Pillow – Love Soul Zombie Santa event outfit (freebie)

Ears- Aitui

Eyes – Tacky Star

Skin – Vive9 (lucky toilet)


Christmas Quickie

Ok another quickie lol.. I’m unbelievably busy in SL lately with tons of projects going on for the new year but I’m trying to keep up, promise hehe. Honey Kitty has a fun, easy little hunt going on for a Christmas outfit that you can wear so many ways that it’s like several outfits in one. Hunt out 5 stars around the store for all of the parts to the outfit. I love this one.. way too cute ^.^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Magika (50L holiday special)

Skin – Vive9 (lucky toilet)

Ears – Aitui

Eyes – Tacky Star

Outfit – Honey Kitty (Christmas Hunt)

Pose – 5ifth Order


Down the Chimney Hunt Part 2

Back to the Down the Chimney Hunt and all the wonderful gifts hidden in books all over the grid December 7th through 20th. If you haven’t been on the hunt yet, check out some pics if you want (shameless plug lol, but there are also lots of great pics on the skipping stones hunt flickr page too ^^) then get your butt to Kunstkammer and find that first book to get started. This is one you will be kicking yourself later for missing if you decide to skip it hehe.

Up first on today’s list is stop # 29, Catnip. I have to admit I wanted to kill myself looking for this one, only to find out it was in one of the first places I had looked >_< So very worth it though not only because the prize is super cute but also because I had so much fun wandering around the store. There are some absolutely wonderful builds in there, way more than the last time I had been there, which wasn’t that long ago lol… so have a little fun getting lost here, it’s totally worth it ^.^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Magika Christmas Hair ( 50L holiday special)

Skin – Vive9 Demi ( lucky toilet)

Ears – Aitui 1.5 gauged elf ears ❤

Shirt – Grommit Shirt by Ska Shack ( Down the Chimney Hunt Gift)

Pants – Kyoot Courderoys

Shoes – UBU Porn Star LowTops

Balance Ball – Catnip Down the Chimney Hunt Gift


The cuteness award of this hunt has to go to D-Lab so far for their absolutely melt your heart cute Mole Necklace… I know, I know… I never thought I would fall in love with a mole, but I totally have. How could you not? This little guy is just too adorable for words lol.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Truth Jennifer

Skin – League Misty (Emo)

Sweater – Boom snowflake Sweater ( Down the Chimney Hunt Gift)

Necklace – D-Lab Mole Necklace ( Down the Chimney Hunt Gift)


So most of my friends, after seeing me walk into one of my local haunts with any number of sundry random strange objects on, could pretty much all tell you I’m a huge sucker for random cute junk. Mocorin has totally won me over time and time again with just that, from poison juice boxes to robot gum, I’m certainly hooked on Mocorin lol. Their DTCH giftie has totally added to that addiction too >_< The adorable puppy bag is just perfect to tote around this holiday season, even if purses and bags are essentially useless in SL lol.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Bambi by Rock Candy (old group gift)

Skin –  League Misty (Emo)

Ears – Aitui 1.5 gauge elf ears

Sweater – Sn@tch Cashmere Sweater

Bag – Xmas Dog Bag by Mocorin ( Down the Chimney Hunt gift)

Pants – Hellbilly Suede by Sn@tch


Theres a two-fer hidden in the book at Cyanide, not only to you get the cute pink sweater ( in 2 versions at that) but you also get this cute pose snowball, complete with 3 poses loaded into it. I had a lot of fun playing with this one, as you can see hehe.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Bambi by Rock Candy ( old group gift)

Sweater – Wintery Sweater by Cyanide ( Down the Chimney Hunt gift)

Skin – League Misty (emo)

Ears – Aitui 1.5 gauge elf ears

Pants – Hellbilly Suede by Sn@tch


Touche’ has 2 books hidden for this hunt. One of them has a super cute little pink snow bunny jacket inside. I totally dig it lol. While I’m generally not one to be caught in much pink this one is so glammy and cute I couldn’t help but love it hehe.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Magika Emo

Skin – League Misty (emo)

T shirt – Bukkake Shirt by Boom ( old freebie)

Vest – Ski Bunny Parka by Touche’ ( Down the Chimney Hunt gift)


Smokin’ high waist skirt hiding in the book at Narwhal. Be sure to join the subscrib-o group as well here, cute freebie outfit in it for you lol.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Gaze by Defectiva

Ears – 1.5 gauge elf ears by Aitui

Necklace – Pinned Heart by Sanu

Skin – Demi by Vive9 ( lucky toilet)

Tank- Love Kills Slowly by Sn@tch

Skirt – High Waist Super Skirt by Narwhal ( Down the Chimney Hunt gift)


Blue Blood got into the winter spirit for the hunt by making the gothily adorable coat hidden in their book. Beautiful colors and textures as always and a perfect addition to any creature of the night’s winter wardrobe… and OMG what a perfect time to land your butt in Blue Blood! New items in the MM, freakin’ adorable dresses for only L$100 out for the DV8 Twisted Krissmuss event, and even an xStreet special dress sale for L$29.  *faints*

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Edgy by House of Munster

Skin – May Pus by Rotten Toe

Coat – Down the Chimney Hunt gift by Blue Blood

Pants – Cheap and Tawdry by Sn@tch


Ok maybe a little out of my general range of style ( if you can call what I wear as style O_o lol) but still really nice in its own right is the sweater and vest combo hiding in the book from Zenith. I really like the textures in this one, looks very warm and cozy.. I could use a sweater like that right about now actually lol.

Worn in Picture:

hair – Jimi by Gritty Kitty

skin – May “Pus” by Rotten Toe

shirt – Black and Red Sweater Vest Combo by Zenith ( Down the Chimney Hunt gift)


Ok last one for this post lol..Book # 48 from Acid and Mala has a complete outfit, and by complete I mean pants, shirt, gloves, and belt.. in both male and female versions. Very nice for a hunt gift if you ask me because not only is it a full outfit, but it is also very well thought out and put together. 🙂

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Vixen by House of Munster

Skin – Demi by Vive9 (lucky toilet)

Necklace – My Violent Heart by Violet Voltaire

Outfit – Reaction by Acid& Mala ( Down the Chimney Hunt gift)