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][ spooky spaces ][ by Belle Morte : New Skybox :D

Now available at the Belle Morte mainstore, the first of my home line, ][ spooky spaces][ by Belle Morte… the Gypsy Skybox. Available in furnished and unfurnished versions, the furniture can also be bought separately. The pentagram with cute pose and particle effect is available for a limited time in the MM for only 50 slaps ^.^

for the next 48 hours both the furnished and unfurnished versions will be available to Dead Dolls group members only ( must wear your group tag and buy from special sale vendor ) for 50% off the normal price.. this is a huge deal so don’t miss it ^.^

Also, now available in the history of the subscrib-o is a fun little group gift I made for you guys based off of an inside joke with a friend, but who can’t use a good fork in the eye sometimes xD

Watch for more coming soon.. including an Easter Hunt!!

Click here to teleport to Belle Morte Mainstore

Blood Red Lips

Well I was going through some of the awesomesauce goodies from the Tainted Love Hunt and found what could quite possibly be one of my new favorite outfits. The Valentines Curse outfit from Bellissima is not only absolutely beautiful but comes with sooo much. ( Including long and short skirt options so you could literally wear this anywhere ^.^)

Included with the dress is literally everything you will need.. several eye choice, hair, cute little hat, even skin! I just cannot go on enough about how much I love this one hehe. Also, I totally opened it on the right day because it goes absolutely perfectly with the new Gothica AO from Creative Insanity. I absolutely adore just about every one of their AOs but this one is certainly a new favorite. Seriously, go check out the demos.. it is super hawt ❤

Worn in Picture :

Hair, Eyes, Skin, Dress, Choker,Hat,  Shoes – BELLISSIMA ( Tainted Love Hunt Gift)

Tatttoo – MIASNOW ( Tainted Love Hunt Gift)

Ears – Illusions

Pose – Creative Insanity ( new release Gothica AO)


I’ll Take My Love Tainted, Thank You

As usual I am so very late on getting this post up, but hey… can’t break from my tradition right? *giggle* Have you heard that they Tainted Love Hunt has started? OhMahGawd there are some amazing gifties in this one, seriously lol. ( Don’t worry more on that coming soon, promise hehe) My store, Belle Morte, is in this one for once. Usually I’m not a fan of being in hunts. Sure, they are good publicity but I feel that with my schedule I just don’t have the time it takes to provide a high quality gift so it would be not only stress to myself but not fair to those who do the hunt. However, when the invite for this one came my way I had to jump on it.  I love the theme of this one and had a million ideas running through my sick little for gifties. In the end, one of my new poses won lol. My giftie is the “If I Can’t Have You Nobody Can” couples pose based off of the idea of love gone wrong. Gotta love crazy stalker boyfriends lol. (psst Deathnote shirt from the add is also now available @ Belle Morte for only 5L ^.^)

For more information on the Tainted Love Hunt check out the official blog


Beautifully Dreadful at Immateria

Ok so I have been trying and trying… and trying and trying to figure out how to work some of the new Poe home collection from Immateria into some of my posts because I have to tell you, I am completely in love with each new set that comes out lol. However, after much beating myself up for not having the creativity to tie them to any specific outfit I have decided to simply dedicate a post to them… far later than I had hoped to but better late than never, right? lol.

Up first is the Once Upon a Midnight Dreary set, for those of you who don’t know Poe all that well ( tsk tsk !) it is based off of the story, The Raven. This set is absolutely HUGE for the price, and it is beautiful. Soo many little details from the beads on the chandelier to the little raven friend to see you through all of your dreary nights.  (Not everything in the set is shown btw… there is also a lovely couch, love seat and table but I could easily get lost all day taking pics of these so I will spare you lol)

Up next is the lovely The Sleeper Set. I cannot tell you how much I love this bed. Natural looking furniture is always a win in my book but when you add creepy and natural together.. it’s love lol. Once again this set is huuuuge and full of lovely details.

Finally for this post, and quite possibly my favorite of the three ( although in all honesty its a tough choice.. I am a huuge fan of Poe and these sets are just beautiful.) is the Oval Portrait Set.  The poses and details in this set are absolutely perfect. They really wonderfully capture the feel of the story.