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… and out of the darkness the zombie did call…

Yup.. the time has finally come. It’s Zombie Raid time! I am so insanely excited after seeing some of the previews of gifts in the hunt. Thank you so much to all of the designers who have been kicking ass at coming up with amazing gifts in the hunt for everyone!  The hunt starts on October 15th and will run through the end of October, but it’s a short and sweet one so plenty of time to head out to all of the other amazing Halloween events going on around the grid too! ( BTW  speaking of which …check out horrorfest, seriously, omg it is going to be epic!)  Keep in mind that the hunt is open to everyone, you do not need to join Dead Dolls in order to do the hunt, however chat will be opening and hints will be given in Dead Dolls chat if you get stuck along the way.  Besides, we’d love to have you in our demented little undead family lol.

Below you will find the up to date list of stores that will be a part of the hunt as well as LMs to each store. ( However, I seriously recommend going through all of them and not skipping around to only the stores you like. We have some new names on the list that are really worth checking out if you are unfamiliar with them ! ^ ^)

List of Participating Stores:

1.) Belle Morte –

2.) Shameless –

3.) Sinner’s Tongue –

4.) Love Me Brutal –

5.) ImmateriA –

6.) Moose Knuckle –

7.) junkdrawer –

8.) Kis Kis –

9.) Cryptic Dolls –

10.) Ideal Illusion –

11.) Broken Cycle –

12.) Saturnine Dreams –

13.) Souzou Eien –

14.) Returned Karma –

15.) the Uneek –

16.) TUFT – **** ITEM NOT OUT***

17.) Lollipopz –

18.)  Angel Demon Creations  –

19.) Creative Insanity –

20.) Nymph Couture –

21.) Dark Dolls –

22.) .:CoLLisions:. –

23.) Dead Bunny –

24.) Sassy! –

25.) EVOL –

26.) Made in the UK –

27.) aMuse –

28.) junkfood –

29.) Obsidian Desires –

30.) Meka –

31.) [-\\Twat Waffle//-] –

32.)  Shades of October –

33.) Malizz Yiyuan Creation –

34.) Nostr@s Designs –

35.) Savoir Faire Shapes –

36.) Nibby-Licious Boutique –

37.) Psych0 –

39.) Relentless Couture –

40.) Show Me on the Doll –

41.) IrEn –

42.) Blue Blood –

43.) Rag Dollz –

44.) [BAIT] –

45.) Skin Deep/Little Pricks –

46.) Maddkat Designs –

47.) Love Zombie –


Yay For Previews <3

So as you most likely know, the Black Bacchanal  starts tomorrow ( March 31st) and looks to be pretty promising 😀 More information can be found over at the Love/Hate Blog.  I was lucky enough to snag one of the previews for Tacky Star’s items and omfg… I am so amazingly in love with this skin ❤  The make up colors are perfect. I love the actual lip shape as well… in my experience its pretty hard to find creators that get that as right as Aura does 😀

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Curious Kitties ( Savoir Hair freebie)

Eyes, Skin, & Outfit – Tacky Star ( Black Bacchanal items)

Ears – Aitui


][ spooky spaces ][ by Belle Morte : New Skybox :D

Now available at the Belle Morte mainstore, the first of my home line, ][ spooky spaces][ by Belle Morte… the Gypsy Skybox. Available in furnished and unfurnished versions, the furniture can also be bought separately. The pentagram with cute pose and particle effect is available for a limited time in the MM for only 50 slaps ^.^

for the next 48 hours both the furnished and unfurnished versions will be available to Dead Dolls group members only ( must wear your group tag and buy from special sale vendor ) for 50% off the normal price.. this is a huge deal so don’t miss it ^.^

Also, now available in the history of the subscrib-o is a fun little group gift I made for you guys based off of an inside joke with a friend, but who can’t use a good fork in the eye sometimes xD

Watch for more coming soon.. including an Easter Hunt!!

Click here to teleport to Belle Morte Mainstore

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Usually… usually this is my story. However, tonight that was not the case. After much trial and error when I had a free moment to spare (which is way too rare lately) I finally made it into the Vive9 sale. Personally, I have loved their skins for a while now, freebie or not. Although their lucky toilet skin is still one of my favorite skins to date lol..The sale ends tomorrow ( or today for some one you X_x) March 30th, so if you haven’t made it to that one yet be SURE to gooooo… so very worth it. ^.^


Worn in Picture:

Hair – Maitreya

Ears – Aitui

Skin – Vive9 (freebie)

Piercing – [ATOMIC]

Eyes – Tacky Star

Tattoo – Pdiddle

Sweater – SMS

Dress – SMS

Eyelashes – Glow Studios

Self Injury Kit – Rotten Toe

Sans Inspiration for a Title

Ok just a quickie for now to help get both of is caught up on the freeb cuteness available lately.  One of my favorites is from Iren, their super adorable flapper-esque hair from the Accessories Fair. Also (not sure if these are still available.. and too lazy to go check >_>) adorable are the candy cigarette glasses from Reek. One of my happiest finds lately is the completely freebie store @ wink’l… some super cute stuff here and all freee.


Worn in Picture:

Hair – Iren ( accessories fair freebie)

Glasses – Reek (freebie)

Scarf & Top – Wink’L  (freebie)

Pants – Paradisis

Mouth Zipper – LolaPop

Skin – &Bean (dollarbie)

Pose – Pdiddle (freebie 20 pack!  <33 these )

Momo Sale

Who can say no to a sale, seriously? lol. I know I am certainly not on the list if there is one. Luckily I actually remembered to go to the moving sale at momo going on through the weekend ( so get there before you miss it! ^^)

Worn in Picture:

Hair –  posh ( HOPO valnetines event freebie)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Eyelashes – [Glow] Studios

Skin – Pink Fuel ( 50L @ valentines bazaar)

Tank – momo ( 50% off sale)

Skirt – momo (50% off sale)

Unfortunately for my bank account though, I went a little click crazy when I got there lol.  There are so many cute things in this sale I really think I could have… and almost did… but almost the entire store xD

Worn in Picture:

Hair – !lamb.

Eyes – Tacky Star

Eyelashes – [Glow] Studios

Skin – ihatov (group gift)

Dress – momo ( 50% off sale)

This is certainly a good stock up sale if you enjoy all things cute like I do… with everything from panda underwear to cupcake tattoos there is something for everyone, and hey cute and cheap and always a good combination xD Unless it’s boyfriends, in which case cute is always good and cheap is well.. less_than_ good.. but, I digress. (wee there goes z0m off on a tangent again lol)

Worn in Picture :

Hair – Noju ( past group gift)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Eyelashes – [Glow] Studios

Skin – Plastic Flowers ( 25L cheapie skin)

Shirts – momo ( 50% off sale)

Jeans – League


Pretty in Pink

Just a quickie tonight. Found some cuteness in pink all over the grid tonight and just had to show off the new skins from Tacky Star somehow lol. As everyone probrably already knows about me I have an unhealthy love for Tacky Star skins lol but I have to say I am so much more then impressed with the latest release. Such a delicious glam look I’ve been wearing them nonstop xD . Also equally exciting… Violet Voltaire is coming back \o/ I’m so excited.. I adore her work lol. Right now all of her older items are on sale for under 99L… even the cute little hair bows ( originally in another position lol) pictured above for only 5L… Inorite! 5L for Violet Voltaire lol.

Worn in Picture :

Hair – Yuna’s Hair ( item camp)

Hair Bow – Violet Voltaire ( discontinued items sale)

Eyes – Poetic Colors ( freebie)

Ears – Aitui

Skin – Tacky Star ( new release! Pollie <3)

Tattoo – GoK

Dress – Tazzmania ( 1L)



Newness @ Belle Morte

Yah, I know it’s been ages since I’ve had something new lol… Just a few things this time around but good news! I’m working on a lot of things for the new year and the spring shopping season coming up soon as well as gifts for a few hunts that I’m super excited about, including the Tainted Love Hunt by Yellow Jester. ( I can’t wait to do this one myself lol xD)

Up first is my new Midnight Mania prize in the store.. the Pillow Wall, which is the first of many things to come from my Slumber Party Set. These cold winter days make me want to do nothing more then bury myself in pillows and blankets so I figured why not in SL too lol. The target for this one is only 50 slaps so bring your friends this one should fill up quickly lol.

Another item from my venture into poses is the Drunk Chair. This one is available in the lucky chair or for only 50Ls… more of these with different themes coming soon lol.

Also new in the lucky chair is the mouth blade from my new Razorblade Kiss outfit… or if you’re impatient like me you can just buy it for 30Ls lol.

Also a new dollarbie available, the SupaStah tattoo..just a little something but don’t worry Dead Dolls I have a good freebie in the works coming for you sooon ❤

Finally for this release is the Razorblade Kiss Outfit, which comes with jeans, 2 tanks, and a razorblade for your mouth for only 100Ls.  I ❤ the band HIM and if you couldn’t have guessed this outfit is inspired by one of their songs lol.


Sugar Skulls Hunt

Its almost time for the Dead Dolls of Second Life Sugar Skulls hunt! Starting on November 2nd, Dia De Los Muertos, and lasting until the 7th, the Sugar Skulls Hunt will take place at ..::Muertos::.. the home of Dead Dolls of SL. Tons of great designers are already signed up on this one so watch the blog for a list of participants coming soon ^^.

Can’t wait until November to start grabbing those freebies? That’s ok, Zom’s gotcha. Drop by Dead Dolls Headquarters or any of the participating stores and slap the sign up to get information on the hunt and a little freebie T shirt I made up as a thank you for your interest in our hunt 🙂  More info coming soon!


Worn in Picture:

Hair – Valium by Deviant Kitties

Eyes – Blue Mist by Avid

Skin – Misty (Wrecked) by League

Necklace – Rosary by Sinistyle

Ears – Elfin Ears by Illusions

Shirt – Sugar Skulls Freebie Shirt by Belle Morte

Pants – Cutie Bootie Capris by Belle Morte

Stitches – In Stitches by Something in Your Mouth

Tattoo – Hanamachi Dream by GoK

Scars – Autopsia Scar by Blood and Scars


Don’t forget today is the last day to grab some great deals at the 50% off entire store sale going on at Belle Morte Studios. Jeans and Capris 50L per 2pack! Also be sure to check out the unlucky chair and give the MM a slap for a fatpack of corsets while you are there ^^ Sale ends tonight at midnight SLT so be sure to get here and grab those deals before prices go back to normal 😛