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Yay For Previews <3

So as you most likely know, the Black Bacchanal  starts tomorrow ( March 31st) and looks to be pretty promising 😀 More information can be found over at the Love/Hate Blog.  I was lucky enough to snag one of the previews for Tacky Star’s items and omfg… I am so amazingly in love with this skin ❤  The make up colors are perfect. I love the actual lip shape as well… in my experience its pretty hard to find creators that get that as right as Aura does 😀

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Curious Kitties ( Savoir Hair freebie)

Eyes, Skin, & Outfit – Tacky Star ( Black Bacchanal items)

Ears – Aitui


With me moving to Japan in about a month and a half it seems my time for blogging has been drastically cut. However, I had to take a minute out of cleaning and packing to do a post for the new Doll Skin @ Tacky Star. OMFG Aura knows how to make some damn skin. I love this one… all of the definition “below” the skin is epic.  Way too cute,I’ll be wearing this one for a while lol.


Cyber City Shoot

Well I’ve been doing a lot of wandering lately, and in my wanderings I ran across a place called “Cyber City” It’s not terribly large but what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in wonderful textures and how well thought out it is. I really enjoyed my stay here ^^

The colors here are aboslutely amazing! Rich saturated colors that are very well shaded. Some great shadows to play with in just about any corner here ^^

Lots of great lighting elements here to play with ^^ There is certainly a “future urban” feel here.. the design was very well done ^^

This of course lends itself well to darker photos, which anyone who knows me well knows these are by far my favorite to do so needless to say I had a lot of fun working with the lighting elements available and the richness of colors ^^

This last one is my personal favorite for a number of reasons. It has blood for one \o/ so rare to find good blood splatter in Second Life.. come on people bring on the blood lol. I had way too much fun on this one ^^

My New Favorite Thing

I cannot say enough how much I absolutely love the Lolligaggers Skin from Tacky Star. I have almost all of them (stocked up on almost all of Aura’s skins during her Bad Day Sale last weekend 😛 )  I have to say that my absolute favorite so far is the “Stitched Mistress” skin. I cannot even think of how long I have been looking for a *quality* version of a skin like this and I have to say I have finally found it ❤ The depth of these skins is absolutely amazing. It is absolutely my new favorite thing, I don’t know if/when I will ever take it off lol.