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Fun Fun Fun @ Malizz Yiyuan Creations

I was sooo excited when I got the notecard yesterday that one of my new absolute favorite stores, Malizz Yiyuan Creations, has new camp chairs set up! This store simply oozes with cuteness and the camp chair prizes certainly hold up to that. It’s such a shame when stores who have wonderful items up for sale cheap out on thier camp chairs or lucky chair prizes and put total junk in them just to attract the whole “lucky chair addict” crowd, but this is certainly not the case here. Also up for grabs is a cute IPhone typer as a group gift (which sadly I passed up for the time bieng as I’m still completely obsessed with my whiteboard typer from Curio Obscura) as well as 2 lucky boards and lots of other great things on the freebie wall. (p.s. get the shoes they are soooo cute!)

Each chair is set to a 50 minute camp time, but for outfits this cute I gladly put in my 3 hours worth of trying to find something else to occupy my time (and when you’re as busy as I usually am that flies by lol)

Also, each outfit is so much more than just the clothes. They each come with adorable accessories and the great little touches that are one of the main reasons why I absolutely love this store!

Also available upstairs by the Yum Outfit chair is a super cute spongebob bikini type deal with.. sponge paisties! I absolutely love it, but I have to admit that Spongebob has long been one of my guilty pleasures. ^^


Also Worn in Pictures:

(pic 1)

Hair – Harijuku Star from Malizz Yiyuan Creations

Skin – Stitched Mistress from Tacky Star

Shoes – Ghostfitre Boots from Katat0nik


Hair – Edgy by Houe of Munster

Skin- Stitched Mistress by Tacky Star

Shoes- Ghostfire Boots by Katat0nik

(pic 3)

Hair – Cuteness by House of Munster

Skin – Stitched Mistress by Tacky Star

Shoes – Porn Star Low Tops by UBU

(pic 4)

Hair – Twizzy by House of Munster

Skin – Stitched Mistress by Tacky Star


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  1. Great Stuff here!!! Thanks So much

    August 27, 2009 at 1:28 am

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